Virginia Attorney General Raises Awareness About Human Trafficking


During this roundtable event, Miyares stated trafficking hides in plain sight. The Virginia attorney general likewise revealed how a rise of addicts trafficking members of their own families just to get a fix is a severe problem in the community.

Human trafficking survivor Tanya Gould works with the Virginia attorney general’s office to take on these crimes. According to Gould, many people struggle to understand the gravity of what trafficking truly is.

She explained it boils down to not just the control traffickers have over their victims; it also involves traffickers and their buyers putting a price on another human being and their body.

Proactive steps from the Virginia attorney general’s office

Miyares’ roundtable event likewise shined a light on the measures his office is employing to fight against human trafficking.

Thus far, work for training that helps school faculty members and first responders recognize human trafficking victims remains underway.

Moreover, the Virginia attorney general acknowledged the need for a victims’ fund to protect trafficking survivors who report the abuse.