WeChat Revolutionizes Payment Systems with Palm Swipe Technology


In a groundbreaking move, WeChat, the popular microblogging site, has introduced a new cutting-edge AI feature. Now users can make payments through a simple palm swipe gesture. 

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The China-based Tencent-owned app is being celebrated as a contactless payment breakthrough technology.

This innovative technology combines facial recognition and palm identification to create a seamless and secure payment experience.

 Facial recognition is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that mimics the human ability to recognize a person’s face.

The imaging software uses AI to recognize the nuanced patterns of a face. And it uses the specifications to identify an individual face or the unique details of a palm print.

How WeChat pay works

To utilize this feature, users need to link their WeChat account to the device. And register their palm print. 

Making a purchase is as easy as waving your hand in front of a camera-embedded scanning surface. The system analyzes various palm characteristics, including palm prints, veins, and hand stretching patterns, to ensure accurate identification.