Wendy Williams: says she is not incapacitated


Without prior notice to Wendy Williams, her bank, Wells Fargo is attempting to put her in a conservatorship. The TV host, 57 says she is not incapacitated and will fight the bank in its’ unprecedented legal maneuvering. 

Last week Wendy Williams’ attorney Celeste N. McCaw filed an emergency petition claiming Wells Fargo had frozen her “accounts, assets and statements.” And the assets in the bank were in the millions. 

It all started after Williams fired her Wells Fargo-affiliated financial adviser, Lori Schiller. After the bank froze her bank accounts Williams took them to court asking for a temporary restraining order.

 And then Wells Fargo hired attorneys. Who may be leaking correspondence claiming the TV star is incapacitated? They claim she needs guardianship. And apparently, your bank is the best judge of that?

It hasn’t been disclosed, so far, if the bank is suggesting someone for the role.

Last week, Wells Fargo requested a hearing from the New York Supreme Court. They want to legally determine whether or not Wendy Williams is an “incapacitated person” who needs temporary guardianship.