What Trump Having COVID-19 Means for Markets


So what does this mean for us? First, Trump may have a mild case and recover very quickly. Obviously, his campaign will still be impacted. The President had to cancel some rallies, which have been his preferred method for bringing his platform to the public. This may actually work in his favor. Greg Valliere, the chief U.S. policy strategist of AGF Investments, said, “When Reagan was shot, he handled it with humor and he got sympathy from the public, and it helped him. So this could ironically be a plus for Trump.”

But I think, most importantly the nation and investors, in particular, were slapped in the face with a hard truth. There isn’t anything certain about what is going to happen within the upcoming months. In less than a month, we will be choosing between two candidates to determine who will be our President for the next four years, both of whom are at high risk for experiencing the worst-case scenario upon contracting the disease. This is the person directly responsible for our economy, markets, policies that affect both, as well as our business relationships with the rest of the world. It’s very unsettling to think that we can’t escape the fact either of the presidential candidates, regardless of the outcome, may not be healthy enough to perform his duty.