What Trump Having COVID-19 Means for Markets


We have been through Presidents having serious health problems. George Washington had a number of serious health issues. Eisenhower had a heart attack in his first term and a stroke in his second. If President Trump becomes very sick (or potentially Biden if he wins the election), it’s possible he or his team would invoke the 25th Amendment which in part stipulates a temporary transfer of power to a vice president. Presidents Reagan and W. Bush did in 1985, and in 2002 and 2007 respectively before colonoscopies (for those of you who follow that kind of thing.)

The bottom line is that we have always recovered economically from these types of events. But it certainly explains why markets did not perform well last week and why we may continue to see poor performance throughout the duration of 2020. Hopefully, with a new year, we will also have a new sense of certainty with the world we are living in.


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