When Couples “Fight”

Not happy couples
This story is brought to you by Dr. Keith Kanner via the USA Herald Platform

Maybe the title of this piece should be “When Don’t Couples Fight” ?.  In fact, how can’t couples fight? . If you’re married, dating, engaged, and haven’t had one of those ugly, wish that didn’t happen encounters with your “partner”, then, according to Science, you are likely in a sick “Co-Dependent” relationship where both of you too afraid to fight. But, the fact is that  fighting is a “Normal” part of any established dyad .

Now that we’ve normalized “Couple Mania” fighting, does it accomplish anything positive aside from the lie that it enhances “Make-Up Sex” ?.  So, now can you really think of a time when the outcome of a serious, awful, hateful, argument with your partner produced “loving” feelings? Likely not, unless you are an Alien.

So, here’s the Bad News.  All of those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad statements you made to your “Mate” during your fighting, increases the likelihood that one of you will move to Australia if you don’t stop it Quick !  But, how?

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