White House rules out federal mask mandate


As the second half of 2020 plays out, coronavirus is still very much a trending topic in the nation. Testing has increased, as have mask mandates and even reversals on re-engaging sectors of the economy.

The rise of mask mandates in different cities and states has taken controversy surrounding face coverings to new levels. As governors, mayors, and certain health officials order their residents to wear masks, many Americans are pushing back.

Some people are boycotting businesses that require masks; others are bringing lawsuits against officials who have chosen to mandate face coverings.

However, not all Americans harbor negative outlooks on requiring face masks. In fact, some people believe that the nation should undergo a federal mandate that requires all Americans to wear face masks; however, this is something the White House ruled out on Monday.

Where the White House stands on face masks

While speaking with Fox & Friends earlier this week, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows clarified where the Trump administration stands on masking.

Meadows explained that the decision to require face coverings, or not, is something that state and local governments have the power to decide. Likewise, the White House chief of staff also confirmed that face masking occurs “on a location basis,” particularly when social distancing is not feasible.

He then stated that a federal mask requirement for Americans is “not in order.”

Trump on face masks amid coronavirus

The president himself has stated that he has no issues with wearing a face mask. Additionally, Trump maintains that he doesn’t view a federal face mask mandate as necessary; these remarks arrived during an interview with Fox Business.

The president questioned the need for a federal mask mandate due to social distancing. During the aforementioned interview, Trump also noted that there are many areas across the nation where Americans partake in social distancing from one another.

Many governors and mayors who have implemented face coverings have required masks in places where social distancing is not possible. Several of these individuals, such as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, are presently facing lawsuits over mandating face coverings.