Will the 44th Season of Saturday Night Live Steer Clear of Politics?


As Saturday Night Live prepares for its 44th season, conversations about the nature of forthcoming episodes have begun. According to The Hill, SNL star Leslie Jones is hopeful that the longtime show will “do more funnier stuff” as opposed to focusing on political matters.

An Overview of Jones’ Statements

Since the 2016 election, a considerable amount of Saturday Night Live episodes have focused on politics. Moreover, many SNL actors and actress have poked fun at the President, his family, and members of his administration. The foregoing episodes have also served as very polarizing forms of media. While many left-leaning individuals enjoyed their fair share of laughs, conservatives and Trump supporters slammed the politically-based SNL episodes as tasteless.

Apparently, right-leaning individuals are not the only ones who would like to see Saturday Night Live take their show in a different direction. SNL star Leslie Jones recently weighed in with her thoughts regarding her hopes for the 44th season of the show.

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Her statements read as follows:

I hope next year we can do more funnier stuff instead of a lot of political stuff this year, which we had to. There was so much stuff that was happening. There was no way that our show, with the responsibility that we have, would not cover that stuff. It was just too important. But I do hope that next year will be a lot more funny-funny based stuff, more comedy based stuff instead of a lot of political stuff.

The popular SNL star furthermore lauded the merits of genuine comedy. Whether or not Leslie Jones’ hopes come to fruition during the forthcoming season of Saturday Night Live currently remains to be seen.

What Do Americans Think Regarding SNL and Politics?

Individuals on both sides of the political aisle have expressed frustration regarding the divisiveness which currently exists in America. However, each side has their own thoughts and opinions regarding the true sources and causes of the aforementioned division.

President Trump and his supporters regularly censure the media for inaccurate coverage, more commonly known as “fake news.” This is yet another matter which has engendered controversy across partisan lines.

However, readers of The Hill weighed in with their thoughts about the future of SNL’s episodes:

So like everybody else she’s sick of the manufactured controversy also.

That will be hard to do, since Donnie is the gift that keeps on giving … to late-night comedy writers.

Who cares about SNL? it is a failure in the ratings and only news stories keep it alive.