Fox News Host Condemns Unruly Reporters


On Thursday, Fox News host Jesse Waters criticized unruly reporters who shout, speak out of turn, or otherwise behave inappropriately, as reported by The Hill.

An Overview of Waters’ Remarks

Over the past few months, the nature of the White House’s daily press briefings has grown considerably hostile. Certain reporters have criticized press secretary Sarah Sanders for her answers towards their questions. Moreover, various members of the press have even shouted at Sanders and spoken out of turn at inappropriate times.

One example of the foregoing outbursts occurred yesterday; controversial CNN reporter Jim Acosta questioned Sanders about the Trump administration’s recent policy of separating the children of illegal immigrants from their parents when caught trying to sneak across the Southern border. Acosta mentioned Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ reference to the Bible as a means of defending the highly contentious policy.

The press secretary responded by stating that following the law is mentioned throughout the Bible on multiple occasions. However, this reply greatly displeased Brian Karem, another reporter who began shouting at the press secretary, demanding to know whether or not she had empathy for illegal immigrants who unlawfully cross the border.