House Republican Leaders Release Draft Compromise Immigration Legislation

DACA/Dreamers rally
Credits: AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

House Republican leaders released a draft of their compromise immigration legislation on Thursday.

The 293-page immigration bill entitled “The Border Security and Immigration Reform Act of 2018is a moderate alternative to the “Securing America’s Future Act” proposed by Republican Rep. Bob Goodlatte.

Speaker Paul Ryan will bring both bills to the House floor for consideration next week to stop a discharge petition.

Important provisions under compromise immigration legislation

The compromise immigration bill will provide legal protections for young undocumented immigrants known as DREAMers. They will be given a contingent non-immigrant status for six years and renewable for another six years. It also allows them to apply for a green card after five years of becoming a contingent non-immigrant

Additionally, the compromise immigration will provide $23.4 billion in border security funding. That amount includes $16.6 billion for a border wall system and $6.7 billion for infrastructure and technology to improve border security along the southern border of the United States. The bill contains a provision authorizing the government to cancel visas for DREAMers if the funding for the border wall is repealed.

Furthermore, the legislation will eliminate the Diversity Visa lottery program and reduce family-based migration to immediate family members.

Moreover, it includes a provision preventing the separation of apprehended undocumented minors  and their parents/legal guardian while in DHS custody.

On Thursday, Speaker Ryan told reporters that he opposes the government’s policy of separating  undocumented immigrant families at U.S. borders. He said, “We don’t want kids separated from their families.”

President Donald Trump supports Rep. Goodlatte’s legislation, which strengthens border security, provides temporary legal status to DREAMers. It will end chain migration and the Diversity Visa lottery program and increases green cards for skilled workers.

Democrats oppose providing funding for border wall and want stronger protection for DREAMers. Therefore, it is highly likely that they will reject both legislation.