Fox News Host Condemns Unruly Reporters


Many conservatives strongly condemned Karem’s outburst, which subsequently prompted the hereinafter remarks from Fox News‘ Jesse Waters:

They are jokes. They need to start ripping press passes away. If you’re going to act like a wild animal, you don’t belong there.

Additional Responses to Karem’s Outburst

Brian Karem’s decision to shout and speak out of turn during Thursday’s White House press briefing rapidly trended throughout the mainstream media. Many Americans subsequently weighed in with their thoughts regarding the conduct of the reporter.

Like most events in today’s political climate, conservatives and liberals maintained wholly different opinions and perceptions. While left-leaning Americans overwhelmingly justified Karem’s behavior as a humane, emotional appeal for the most vulnerable individuals, right-leaning Americans felt differently.

Many conservatives and right wingers have affirmed the pitfalls of illegal immigration and those who sneak across the border. While left wingers overwhelmingly view the Trump administration’s latest immigration policy as unfair, conservatives have noted that abstaining from illegal border crossings would halt the problem before its inception.