Will a Biden Presidency Put Freelancers Out of Work?

Joe Biden
Source: Joe Biden Facebook page


With the presidential election just around the corner, freelancers are starting to grow concerns about what the results may mean for their business. The big question is, will a Biden presidency put freelancers out of work?

Many individuals dependent on freelance gigs are wondering what former Vice President and Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s public support for AB 5 means for the future of their businesses.

AB 5 is a union-backed California law aimed at preventing the misclassification of rideshare drivers by giving them the status and protections of full-time employees. The California Legislature modified the law several times after taking effect on Jan. 1, 2020. This was in part due to the fact that AB 5 was putting many other types of freelancers out of work.

Biden supports a federal law similar to California’s AB 5

Freelancers are concerned because Biden is a strong supporter of unions and he wants a federal law similar to AB 5 that could place steep restrictions on who can be a freelancer.