Will the U.S. Military Guard the Southern Border from Illegal Immigrants?


New reports from The Hill affirm that President Trump will instruct the U.S. military to guard the Southern border until the creation of his wall.

An Overview of Immigration and the Southern Border Wall

One of the highlights of President Trump’s 2016 campaign involved the halt of illegal immigration. Although illegal immigration has decreased under his Presidency, Mr. Trump is still determined to build the Southern border wall. Many of the President’s critics and political adversaries have slammed the aforementioned wall as a waste of money. However, prototypes for the wall are already in the works.

Earlier today, President Trump announced his decision to have the military guard the Southern border until his wall is built:

Until we can have a wall and proper security, we are going to be guarding our border with the military. That’s a big step. We really haven’t done that before, or certainly not very much before.

The President made the foregoing declaration during a meeting with leaders from the Baltic state. Defense Secretary James Mattis also attended said meeting with President Trump.

Where Do Americans Stand on Immigration and the Border Wall?

As a whole, the people of this nation remain incredibly divided on immigration reform and the border wall. The division also heavily aligns with partisanship. For instance, many left-leaning Americans favor DACA and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who currently reside in this country. For some time, a DACA deal seemed probable; however, President Trump recently pulled the DACA deal after he, and other Republicans, believed that Democrats were not prioritizing an immigration resolution.

The majority of conservatives and Republicans have wholly different notions regarding appropriate immigration reform. Unlike the Democrats, most right-leaning Americans champion the creation of a Southern border wall. Conservatives have also noted the economic and criminal downsides which have occurred due to illegal immigration.

President Trump furthermore criticized current immigration laws…or lack thereof:

We don’t have laws, we have catch-and-release. You catch and then you immediately release. People come back years later for a court case, except they virtually never come back.

Finally, the President sent out a tweet earlier today regarding additional, forthcoming illegal immigration: