Woman Accuses Twitter Of Giving Terrorists Free Speech


Many readers, possibly like yourself, have heard the argument “Private companies can censor as they see fit.” With the massive and coordinated Big Tech purge to silence conservative voices, Twitter was one of the first to ban President Donald Trump, Former Senator Ron Paul, and countless other users who dare to disagree with far left ideologies.

The founder of Twitter, Biz Stone, however, supports the free speech of terroristic groups in the Middle East (not covered under America’s First Amendment) in their ability to recruit young Americans, and others worldwide, to their extremist group which has been the cause of an ever increasing American death toll.

Tamara Fields, a widow of an American man killed in Amman, Jordan, however, has had enough and is suing Twitter and blaming the social media platform as playing a part in her husband’s death.

Court documents state that Twitter has allegedly made it easier for ISIS to spread propaganda, incite regional violence, and increase the number of members and cells throughout the world.