YouTube competitor Rumble sues Google, seeks $2 billion damages

Rumble vs Google
Sundar Pichai- Chris Pavlovski

A YouTube competitor, Rumble filed a lawsuit against Google alleging that the tech giant violated antitrust laws by favoring its own video-sharing platform in search results.

Rumble seeking more than than $2 billion in monetary damages from Google citing that the tech giant’s monopolistic practices in the market of the video-sharing platforms continue to harm its business.

In the complaint, Rumble alleged that Google is “rigging its search algorithms purposefully and unlawfully” to generate more traffic to YouTube over other video-sharing platforms.

“By unfairly rigging its search algorithms such that YouTube is the first-listed links ‘above the fold’ on its search results page, Google, through its search engine, was able to wrongfully divert massive traffic to YouTube, depriving Rumble of the additional traffic, users, uploads, brand awareness, and the revenue it would have otherwise received,” according to the complaint. 

How Google is advancing YouTube

Toronto-based Rumble, the conservative pundits’ favorite video sharing platform, filed the antitrust suit Monday. The company argued that Google is depriving it of potential viewers and huge income.