BREAKING: Trump Announces His Future Plans As President


President Donald Trump headed to the Alamo on Tuesday to inspect a portion of the border wall. As he passed the White House press team, POTUS gave a few statements to support his previous announcement that he would like to help create a seamless and calm transition to the new administration as seen here.

When asked, President Trump called the House’s push to impeach him again ‘absolutely ridiculous’ and told the press that he believes what Democrats are doing is increasing the unrest in our country.

The behavior of House Democrats is causing ‘tremendous anger’ among certain groups of individuals who have supported the President during his tenure in office.

Trump called it a “continuation of the greatest witch hunt in the history of politics.” Despite denouncing the violence and destruction at the Capitol last week, and making a public statement that “those responsible will be dealt with swiftly,” Democrats and some Republican detractors are ramping up their efforts to push another impeachment.