Zelensky visits scenes of Russian Atrocities in Ukraine 


Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the town of Bucha on Monday. And is documenting the “atrocities” committed by Russian forces. “We want you to show the world what happened here. What the Russian military did. What the Russian Federation did in peaceful Ukraine,” he said to reporters.

Zelensky, along with reporters and Ukrainian officials toured the northern suburb of Kyiv after the withdrawal of the Russians.  

Mass graves and other atrocities

Zelensky described the horrifying state of the town. He said that “dead people have been found in barrels, basements, strangled, tortured.”

Journalists visiting Bucha were shown a shallow mass grave at a church. A layer of red clay was tossed onto the bodies. And hands and feet were still visible.

Reuters news agency reported discovering the bodies of three men wearing civilian clothes. Each one was killed by a headshot. And one man with hands tied behind his back had indications of a close-range shot.

And as different locations were investigated the group found automobiles flattened by the fighting. And a bullet-riddled van marked with the word “deti,” which means “children” in Russian.