Zuckerberg’s Two Former Households are Suing Him and His Wife

Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook

Two former household employees of Mark Zuckerberg and his spouse Priscilla Chan are filing a lawsuit against the couple. The two households alleged the couple of harassment and discrimination inside their family office

The billionaire couple is facing by both a security worker and a household manager. They claimed that they were victims of unfair labor practices including racist abuse by a key aide to Zuckerberg. Furthermore, the alleged victims stated that they were redressed after trying to raise the issue at the family office which is responsible for Zuckerberg’s lifestyle needs including security and other day-to-day life matters.

The alleged victims filed the lawsuits in San Francisco County on September 20, 2021, but didn’t report it until now.

The lawsuits aim at Zuckerberg and Chan and his aides as well as the family office on West Street. The case is the first of a kind to target a billionaire’s family office, especially that secrecy and discretion are a high priority.

This adds up to the pressure on Zuckerberg who is facing a backlash from Facebook users and U.S. regulators following the Facebook whistleblower’s claims.