2017 Marketers Report: Millennials and their shopping behaviors


Marketers need to do this carefully though as they are highly skeptical of authority. They have developed their skepticism by watching their parents suffer through the Great Recession. They have also developed skepticism as they completed college and could not find jobs, but still had to pay their outrageous student loans. So, when businesses try to market to them in misleading ways, Millennials notice.

They’re confident and they know it

Millennials also are an extremely confident group and marketers be aware of this. Millennials feel good about themselves because they have always been told how wonderful they are. This is the group that received participation trophies and they had their self-esteem analyzed on a regular basis. They also know to find anything they want to know online, so they are also highly confident shoppers. For example, when they are in the market for a new car, they will research for hours. They will read reviews, talk to friends, analyze the various specifications, and decide what features they want on their new car. Then, they will go to the dealership to confirm their decision and make a confident purchase.

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