28 suspects identified in Haitian assassination


Haiti’s National Police claim they have identified those responsible for the assassination of Jovenel Moïse. The Haitian President was murdered at his residence in Port-au-Prince on Wednesday. 

The “highly trained and heavily armed group” that killed Moïse critically wounded Martine Moïse, the President’s wife. She is being treated for her injuries in Miami, Florida. 

According to “Le Nouvelliste” the Haitian newspaper, Moïse was shot a dozen times. And his bedroom and office were ransacked.

Moïse’s daughter, Jomarlie Jovenel, was hiding in a bedroom during the attack. A maid and another staff worker were tied up and briefly held by the attackers.

International Suspects

The AP is reporting 17 suspects are currently being held by Haiti authorities. During a police press update, the handcuffed suspects were sitting on the floor with their weapons on display for reporters. 

Haiti’s National Police Chief Léon Charles said Thursday night that 15 of those being held are from Columbia. And two of the suspects have dual US-Haitian citizenship.