A Brief Look at Speaker of the House Pelosi’s Temper Tantrums


Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is quite the character. She has served as the Democratic Representative of California since 1987. After being elected by a slim margin (32% -36%) in a special election after the death of Congresswoman Sala Burton, she has enjoyed 17 two-term cycles.

Throughout that time, she has consistently used pettiness and classless, demeaning rhetoric to try an make herself the toughest person in the room. What is interesting is she does not seem to realize, her own behaviors may have contributed to igniting and fueling the culmination of aggression at the Capitol on Jan 6.

Rant After Trump’s Second Impeachment Acquittal

After Saturday’s 2nd impeachment acquittal of former President Donald J. Trump, Speaker Pelosi entered the news conference ranting. While talking, she not only hit the podium to emphasize her anger after calling Senators cowardly for following the Constitution, but also belittled the act of censure akin to a slap on the wrist for using incorrect stationary.