A serial killer confessed in 1998, one of his victims was just identified through DNA


In 1998, Wayne Adam Ford walked into the sheriff’s office in Humboldt County, California with his brother. He confessed to being a serial killer. He had a plastic bag containing the breast of one of his victims when he turned himself in. 

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Ford, an ex-Marine, told investigators he had murdered four women. 

One of the victim’s torsos had been found in a stream known as Ryan Slough, in October 1997. 

More remains from that woman were discovered on Clam Beach in January 1998. And after Ford turned himself in, more of her body was found in his encampment.

Three of his victims were quickly identified.

Tina Gibbs, 26, was found dead in June 1998, Ford dumped her body near Buttonwillow.  He left 25-year-old Lanett White’s body in a ditch in Lodi. And the remains of Patricia Tamez, 29, were discovered in a San Bernardino aqueduct in October 1998. 

Ford underwent a drastic personality change after a catastrophic car accident. He was in a 9-day coma and suffered serious head trauma.

His friends and family claim he was never the same. He had become violent and he was never the same after his accident.