Airbnb to Prohibit Hosts From Placing Security Cameras Inside Listings


Since its founding 16 years ago, Airbnb has greatly cemented itself as a powerhouse in the travel world. To date, there are more than seven million listings on the platform, with over five million hosts and 150 million users who’ve actively rented property from others.

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With the travel industry seeing a boom in the aftermath of COVID, it’s pretty safe to assume more people will be seeking accommodations as they plan trips. After all, Airbnb is operational throughout the United States and in many other countries across the globe.

Over time, the platform has proven itself as a great fit for not just travelers seeking budget-friendly accommodations, but also for property owners who want to earn extra income from renting out their spaces.

However, hosts will soon need to abide by one new rule to remain in good standing with Airbnb.

No more indoor security cameras

Earlier today, the vacation company announced that as of Tuesday, April 30, hosts will no longer be able to place any cameras within the homes they’re renting via the platform. This marks a sharp turn from Airbnb’s prior rules that permitted indoor cameras, so long as they were visible to guests, declared in the listings, and not placed within bedrooms or bathrooms.