How to Find the Best Airbnbs When Traveling


Airbnb’s standing in the travel industry is revolutionary and a sign of the times.

Amid the rise of remote work culture, digital nomads, and travel for business and/or leisure purposes, increasing numbers of people are turning to Airbnb, seeking cushy accommodations that are significantly more affordable than hotels.

Many travelers who use this platform also love the experience of connecting with locals who rent out their homes or rooms. This adds a personal touch to travel, one that hotels inherently lack.

Nevertheless, when using Airbnb, travelers need to know what to look for, what to avoid, and how to appropriately filter their searches to discover the right accommodations.

Look for “superhosts” or hosts with good reviews from previous travelers

Airbnb hosts who consistently go above and beyond for their guests earn a badge in pink, yellow, and white next to their profile pictures, along with a definitive “superhost” label.

Travelers who want to make sure they’re getting exemplary accommodations should look for this badge or peruse the different reviews left by a host’s previous guests. Examining this information and ensuring everything checks out greatly reduces the likelihood of ending up with poor accommodations or unhelpful hosts.

Set price filters that align with your budget

Despite the cleaning and service fees that guests pay when booking accommodations, more often than not, they’re still getting a better deal than they’d get with hotels.