Alabama mass shooters use Glock switch gun to kill 4 and wound 28


New evidence emerged during the “Aniah’s Law” hearing in Dadeville. An Alabama Law Enforcement Investigator testified that one handgun was altered with an illegal Glock switch. And witnesses described hearing rapid gunfire at the mass shooting on Saturday. 

The large number of shots fired was confirmed by 89 bullet casings found littering the floor of what had been intended as a Sweet Sixteen birthday party. Shell casings from four types of handguns were recovered.

The party was held at a dance studio just off the Dadeville town square. The small town is about 60 miles northeast of Montgomery.

“Multiple shell casings. Blood everywhere,” Special Agent Jess Thornton detailed. He claims the crime scene was like nothing he’d encountered in 18 years with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

It is estimated there were 50 to 60 people crammed inside the party venue, which measured about 38 feet by 26 feet, when the gunfire erupted.

On Tuesday Thornton also described the chaotic crime scene. During the mass shooting 4 young people were killed and 28 were wounded.