Almost Eight in Ten Americans Favor More Policing


When Democrats first launched widespread support for defunding the police, Republicans warned that it would not end well. Many months later, these warnings have come to fruition.

Rapes, homicides, stabbings, and other crimes are up in left-wing cities across America. There is no denying, at this point, that defunding the police has backfired on Democrats; in fact, it’s backfired on Democrats so much that they are now lying and saying that Republicans favored the defunding of law enforcement.

Even the left-leaning Washington Post has called out the White House for such an outright falsehood.

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On Thursday, a new poll confirmed that nationwide support for more policing in America is at an all-time high.

Americans on support for more policing

Yesterday, USA Today/Ipsos put out a poll revealing the extent of massive backing for more law enforcement. This data determined that 77% of the American public favors having more police officers in the United States, particularly working on street patrols.