Amber Heard Defense Cost Drama: Insurer Fights to Disqualify Law Firm Over Conflict of Interest


As a legal news contributor for the USA Herald, I have witnessed countless cases throughout my career. But today, I bring you a gripping tale of courtroom conflicts, high-stakes insurance battles, and the legal drama surrounding Hollywood celebrities, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Our story unfolds with an insurer, New York Marine and General Insurance Co. (NY Marine), striving to disqualify law firm Maynard Cooper & Gale LLP from representing Travelers Commercial Insurance Co. (Travelers) in a battle over defense costs for Amber Heard in a defamation lawsuit brought forth by Johnny Depp.

At the heart of the issue is Matthew A. Chipman, a lawyer who now works for Maynard Cooper. The problem? He used to be employed by McCormick Barstow Sheppard Wayte & Carruth LLP, the very same firm that represented NY Marine in another case involving Amber Heard. This twist of fate has left Chipman privy to confidential information, creating what NY Marine describes as a “direct and irreconcilable ethical conflict.”