AOC Slams Democrats Who Won’t Impeach Trump’s “Lawbreaking Behavior”


Progressive members of the Democrat Party continue to articulate their interest in President Trump’s impeachment. This is more than apparent as people protest in the streets and as various House Democrats push for impeachment. However, despite the demands from progressives, the true leaders of the Democrat Party are still determining whether or not impeachment is the best option.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has spoken about impeachment many times. Pelosi ongoingly maintains that having all the facts is imperative before Democrats can move to impeach Trump. The House Speaker has also stated that her travels across the nation have taught her that impeachment is divisive amongst citizens of this nation.

Last night, House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blasted the Democrat Party via Twitter for not immediately moving to impeach President Trump.

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AOC on the Democrat Party and Impeaching Trump

Ocasio-Cortez essentially stated that the Democrat Party is enabling the president by not promptly moving towards impeachment. In the congresswoman’s tweet, she accused Trump of “lawbreaking behavior,” however, she did not state the specific laws which she believes the president violated.