Arrest made in case of missing 19-year-old Utah farmer Dylan Rounds 


As part of their search for Rounds, investigators served several search warrants. Two of them led to federal cases against men who had interacted with Rounds before his disappearance. This includes Brenner and Chase Venstra.

When police announced the murder charge against Brenner last week, they ruled out the potential involvement of Venstra or any other suspects in the disappearance and murder.

Rounds, who loved farming, spent no time playing video games or on social media like others his age. He had gone out on his own as a teenager to build up his own farm in Utah, according to Candice Cooley, Rounds’ mother. And was farming in the town of Lucin near the Utah/Nevada border.

She suspected foul play almost immediately when family members lost contact with him on May 28.

The search for Rounds remains ongoing. The search is concentrated in a rural area with a number of abandoned mines and cave systems.

 According to Sheriff Lynn B. Palmer, “We are hopeful that they will be found.”