Artemis Accords: Space law for returning to the moon


Both India and Germany have also expressed interest in joining the venture. And Russia and China are both opposed.

Terms of Artemis Accords

The Artemis Program plans on building a permanent outpost on the Moon’s surface (Moon Base Camp). And also developing an orbital station (Lunar Gateway). And part of the mission is to potentially start mining the moon.

The project will require a significant investment of money and collaboration of resources.  NASA has a vision that the Artemis Project will be an international collaboration of countries along with private commercial partners. 

The US developed the agreement and a set of operating guidelines.

 Any nation that wants to join the NASA-led project must commit, in advance, that it understands and agrees to the ideas incorporated in the Artemis Accords.

With the release of images from the James Webb Space Telescope the Moon seems closer than ever. And NASA wants to make sure that as many countries as possible participate.