Beverly Nelson, Accuser of Roy Moore, Admits To Forging Yearbook


Beverly Nelson, one of the women accusing Roy Moore of sexual conduct forged a portion of the allegedly damning yearbook, by her own admission, as reported by Breitbart News.

Everything You Need to Know About Nelson and the Forged Yearbook

During an earlier interview with ABC News, Nelson admits to forging the yearbook where Moore allegedly signed. In Nelson’s own words, she claims that she “added notes” when asked by ABC News reporter Tom Llamas.

Nelson claims that Moore behaved inappropriately with her when she was 16-years-old. However, the aforementioned admission has shot her credibility and strengthened the opinions of those convinced of Moore’s innocence, as many Americans have noted.

Furthermore, people are also stating that the forged yearbook is why Nelson, and her attorney Gloria Allred refused to submit the yearbook for a handwriting inspection. Moreover, Moore’s 1999 ruling against Nelson’s divorce case is motive for her to lie, state many Moore supporters.