Biden Already Breaking Campaign Promises as Migrant Caravans March to U.S.


Cotton added Monday: “He’s unveiling his draft immigration bill this week, and it’s what you’d expect from the party of open borders: Total amnesty, no regard for the health or security of Americans, and zero enforcement.”

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“11M, 12M, welcoming the caravan with open arms…Pres. Trump was right about Biden!” Trump 2020 campaign Senior Adviser Jason Miller chimed in.

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich warned waves of migrants coming to the U.S. could only get larger.

“President-elect Biden wants to legalize 11 million illegal immigrants. Between 7,000 and 9,000 Hondurans have formed a gigantic caravan to come to Biden’s pro-illegal immigrant America,” he said. “After the first 11 million, want to guess how many new illegal immigrants there will be by 2024?”

When pressed for additional information, there was also no response to whether these migrants would be subject to the same COVID-19 protocols as travelers within the US or those coming internationally.

Additionally, this raises questions about the continued transparency regarding how this new incoming administration will register, house, clothe, feed, and immunize these groups of individuals. Similarly, there are lingering questions circling vaccinations and medical care these caravans will require, and if this means COVID-19 vaccinations will need to be reprioritized.