Biden Corruption Whistleblower Gal Luft, Faces Charges of Arms Trafficking 


Professor Gal Luft, a dual citizen of the United States and Israel, finds himself at the center of a legal battle after being charged by the Justice Department with a series of serious crimes. Luft, known as a Biden corruption whistleblower, has made repeated claims of corruption against President Joe Biden.

He now faces accusations including arms trafficking, acting as a foreign agent for China, and violating Iran sanctions. And he now faces charges that could have severe consequences.

The DOJ is claiming the founder of the United States Energy Security Council think tank paid a former adviser to Donald Trump on behalf of Chinese principals in 2016. And he was not registered as a foreign agent.

 Prosecutors assert that Luft exerted pressure on the former government employee, whose name remains undisclosed, to promote policies that favored China. They also claim Luft facilitated meetings between Iranian officials and a Chinese energy company to discuss illicit oil deals, which would have violated US sanctions.