Bilzerian alludes to Uber unprofitability before as a parallel to counter bankruptcy rumors about Ignite

Dan Bilzerian -

Millionaire Instagram playboy and CEO of Ignite International Limited Dan Bilzerian took to Twitter on Wednesday to claim that Uber “has never had a profitable month since it started,” drawing parallels to claims that Ignite is undergoing a period of financial turmoil.

Bilzerian’s went on to claim that Uber lost over $5 billion in one-quarter last year. It is true that Uber lost over $5 billion in Q3 2019. That said, Uber’s position in the market was markedly different from Ignite’s in 2019.

“It’s a routine cost for newly public companies—though, Uber’s is much larger due to the company’s size—and investors are likely to forgive it as a one-off,” wrote Eric Newcomer in Bloomberg.

The USA Herald previously reported that ignite lost over $50 million in 2019, spending close to $43 million on operational costs alone. It is a well known fact that Ignite spend inordinate amounts of money on its advertising and marketing.

That said, profits remained quite low in comparison. The profits the company did post have mostly been chocked up to capital infusions from investors. This isn’t to say that Ignite isn’t a successful brand, it certainly is with Bilzerian at the helm, who is a massive social media star.