Black Lives Matter Activist Vows to Burn NYC “To the Ground”


For nearly two weeks now, demonstrations and riots have plagued the streets of America. These events are happening in response to the death of George Floyd, a black man in Minnesota who died because a white police officer knelt on his neck for nine minutes.

Since this occurrence, virtually everyone in America has come forth and stated that Floyd’s death was wrong. Furthermore, police officers and the law enforcement community have condemned what happened to Floyd; the police force also maintains that this behavior isn’t indicative of good policing or the law enforcement community as a whole.

Despite this, anti-police sentiment has surged in the United States. Many rioters are defacing buildings and monuments with slogans calling for the deaths of police officers. Black Lives Matter is calling to defund the police altogether and even worse, certain Democrats in power are acquiescing to these demands.

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Yesterday, a Black Lives Matter demonstrator made headlines for declaring that she will burn down New York City if she feels inclined to do so.

“If I Want to Burn it, I Will!”

Saturday marked yet another day of protest across the nation. In New York City, demonstrators gathered in violation of social distancing.

During this time, they chanted about the evils of law enforcement; Black Lives Matter people also head up signs denouncing police and emphasizing the importance of black lives. This comes in spite of demonstrators looting and setting fire to their own communities, places where many black lives currently reside.

Nevertheless, Black Lives Matter demonstrators aren’t remorseful about looting, beating up innocents, defacing monuments with graffiti, or partaking in arson. As a matter of fact, one Black Lives Matter rioter stated that she has the right to do whatever she wants. The woman professed that since her ancestors “built this land,” she will burn it to the ground if she wants.

In the Black Lives Matter demonstrator’s own words:

“Our ancestors built this land and if I want to protest on it, I will. If I want to burn it, I will. Last thing, if I want to burn this motherf*cker to the ground, I will.”

She then went on to claim that yesterday’s demonstration in New York constituted a “peaceful protest.”