Border Stampede Chaos: Texas Judge Orders Release of Migrants Involved in Rio Grande Riot


In addition to suing Abbott’s administration to strike down SB4, the White House has also fought Texas on its razor wire installations and other deterrent methods.

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On X, Governor Abbott posted on March 20 that, “While the fight continues in court to uphold SB4, Texas continues to arrest illegal immigrants for criminal trespass.”
“More than 41,000 criminal arrests have been made.”
We continue to build border wall, use NG to erect razor wire to repel migrants & keep buoy barriers in river.”

Border Stampede Chaos

Videos circulating on social media captured scenes of unrest as a group of asylum seekers attempted to breach the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso.

The surge overwhelmed National Guard troops and raised concerns about border security. Despite a slight decrease in border crossings from December, Texas continues to face significant challenges in managing the influx of migrants.

In a surprising ruling Magistrate Judge Humberto Acosta ordered the release of the migrants implicated in the border stampede.