Britney’s Attorneys fighting Lou Taylor and Tri Star to get full accounting 


Six weeks ago Rosengart made official requests for the records, through the court. And last week he sent a letter to Lou Taylor repeating his demand for the documents. He’s making it clear that he’s investigating how Lou Taylor’s company was running Britney’s life and exactly how much that cost her.

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He says, “Tri Star’s ongoing failure to answer this question speaks volumes and leads to the unfortunate and inexorable conclusion that Tri Star has much to hide.”

Tri Star denies wrongdoing

From 2008 to 2013 Britney was one of the busiest entertainers on the planet. She was also under tight restrictions of a conservatorship run by her father and Tri-Star. 

She did world tours, a residency in Vegas, and appeared on high-profile television shows. The assumption is that she made hundreds of millions of dollars.

Now some sources said to be familiar with her finances believe Britney’s net worth, estimated at $60 million, should be 2 to 3 times more than that.

Rosengart is not just concerned about finances. He’s also looking into allegations that Tri Star played a role in spying on Britney. A recent NY Times documentary reported that the singer’s phones were cloned. And that a listening device was placed in her bedroom.

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