BUSTED! Shipchain pays contributor $1000 for Forbes article, gets caught


Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Today, you don’t have to look very hard to find a blockchain project in the making—similar to how everyone in the 90s was working on the dot-com of this and the dot-com of that. But there are a handful of blockchain platforms poised to do things even the Internet couldn’t accomplish.

One of them is ShipChain.

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In ShipChain’s case, this means tackling the freight and logistics industry’s lack of transparency, middleman markup, fraud and lack of party responsibility, and visibility from end to end.

And with the team they have in place, they’re poised for success.

“There’s a real need for ShipChain in the freight and logistics industry. Over years of importing and selling billions of dollars worth of product, I’ve experienced this industry’s frustrations firsthand. Old archaic systems, confusing mazes of paperwork (literally “paper” work, a lack of technology), layers of middlemen, and a very fragmented industry in its current state, ShipChain helps solve a lot of these problems,” said Kevin Harrington, renowned entrepreneur, original shark on Shark Tank, and advisor on the ShipChain team.