BUSTED! Shipchain pays contributor $1000 for Forbes article, gets caught

FTC sues Beam Financial

Shipchain, an ICO cryptocurrency seller that is run by John Monarch, has been caught paying contributors on Forbes to publish articles promoting Shipchain without disclosing that the articles were paid for.

According to Shipchain’s vendor Adam Torkildson, Shipchain paid $1000 to publish an article today on Forbes that hailed what a great company Shipchain is https://www.forbes.com/sites/jacksondavid/2018/03/12/this-blockchain-platform-is-disrupting-the-entire-freight-and-logistics-industry-from-end-to-end/#31eaadf832a2.

Forbes has since taken the article down, a copy of it is at the bottom of this article

The article, which many readers would assume was an earned media story due to its lack of disclosures, praised Shipchain as one of a “handful of blockchain platforms poised to do things even the Internet couldn’t accomplish.”

One might think “Wow!   Shipchain is a truly revolutionary company, sounds like a great investment, especially since Forbes is printing it.”  Afterall, Forbes is one of if not the most prestigious financial publisher in the world.