BUSTED! Shipchain pays contributor $1000 for Forbes article, gets caught


“Literally the example I would have sent you right now is one about Shipchain, which is an ICO, and I charged that client $1000 for a featured story in Forbes.   You would normally get charged $3-5k for something like that.”

Shortly thereafter Adam sent our team an email with the exact link he published on Forbes for Shipchain today:

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With Forbes ostensibly hailing what a “revolutionary” company Shipchain is, CEO John Monarch along with its CMO Brian Evans and others shared the Forbes article all over social media:

The FTC has clear disclosure guidelines for sponsored posts, requiring tags such as “sponsored” to clearly appear when money exchanges hands.   It appears that Shipchain has violated these guidelines.

The USA Herald is looking into other articles that Shipchain may have paid for in promoting its ICO offering and/or post ICO offering.

If you have a tip on Shipchain, please contact us here.


Here’s a copy of the Forbes article Shipchain paid $1000 to a contributor to write that was taken down by Forbes a short while ago.