California Governor Distances Himself from “Defund the Police” Movement


The movement to defund the police has become an albatross for the Democrat Party. Thanks to the defund police movement, public safety is at record lows in different parts of the nation. Leftist-run cities are seeing crime increase; meanwhile, certain Democrat leaders are now moving to walk back talk about defunding law enforcement.

This week, California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom worked to distance himself from his party’s calls to defund police. This comes as Newsom himself is facing a recall election. The recall election follows the California governor implementing — and later violating — his own strict statewide COVID mandates.

Yesterday, Newsom declared that he should never be mistaken for the defund police movement.

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Governor Newsom on defunding the police

On Thursday, Newsom told California media that he is “very committed” to tackling issues regarding violence and criminal activity; the California governor furthermore noted that his history as the previous San Francisco mayor wouldn’t be possible without caring about public safety.