Companies Under Fire for Mandating COVID Vaccine


Over the past couple of weeks, there have been several instances of companies rolling out COVID vaccine mandates. Walmart, the National Football League (NFL), and several other companies maintain that workers are required to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

New York recently announced that COVID vaccine mandates are in place for anyone seeking to enter a bar, restaurant, or other businesses in the state. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is calling for businesses in the Empire State to employ “vaccine-only admission” rules.

The notion behind COVID vaccine mandates is essentially making life as inconvenient as possible for the unvaccinated. That’s why health official Leana Wen went on CNN weeks ago and declared that life for unvaccinated folks needs to be made more challenging.

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Amid the rollout of mandatory COVID vaccines, some Americans are pushing back. This week, Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz spoke out against COVID vaccine mandates.

Sen. Cruz on COVID vaccine mandates

Yesterday, Cruz appeared on CNBC to discuss this latest rollout of mandatory COVID vaccines from companies. The Texas senator declared that there should not be mandates regarding coronavirus. Cruz also clearly stated that mask mandates, vaccine passports, etc., are not appropriate.

In additional remarks, Cruz later noted that he doesn’t favor the government ordering people to show papers in order to engage in society. The Republican lawmaker then pushed back against unfounded claims that unvaccinated individuals are “reckless” and “unwashed.”

Over recent weeks, a rise in verbally bashing unvaccinated individuals has occurred. Cruz, in pushing back against this, also noted that he personally believes in vaccines. Likewise, the Texas senator moreover stated that he believes in individual freedom and liberty.

Backlash against COVID vaccine mandates

Pushback and backlash against COVID vaccine mandates is very much alive. Shortly after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the vaccine mandates in order for individuals to enter fitness centers, bars, etc., irate people flooded the comments sections of his “nycmayor” Instagram page.

Partisan divides on COVID vaccine mandates are also very much alive. Across the board, Democrats are much likelier than Republicans to favor COVID vaccine mandates, despite the intrusions upon individual liberties.