California Ranks Number 1 for the Highest Amount of Robocalls in the Country


If you live in California and feel as though you receive more than your fair share of robocalls, you are probably correct. These nuisance calls range from spoofed calls and IRS scams, to consulate scams, grandparent scams, and health insurance scams.

Whether you live in the Golden State or just wish you did, it turns out that California ranks high as more than a favorite destination for surfers. According to a 2019 robocall study by Social Catfish, which analyzed complaints to the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission, California is the most popular state for robocalls. In the year 2018 alone, California had a staggering 747,829 in robocall complaints.

Top 5 States That Receive the Most Robocalls

California is not alone in receiving daily nuisance calls. While 747K may seem like a large number of complaints from Californians, it represents only a small fraction of the total robocalls made and received. It also doesn’t mean that you are safe if you live in other states.

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Jenni Donnell
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