California Ranks Number 1 for the Highest Amount of Robocalls in the Country


Sadly, wherever you answer your phone in the United States, you are likely to be plagued by unwanted calls. While California take a large piece of the robocalling pie, they are followed (in robocall complaints to the FTC) by Florida (427,404), Texas (402,316), New York (348,615), and Illinois (252,935).

What Do These Robocalls Want From You?

Unfortunately, most of these robocalls are geared toward scams.

Scam calls make up 43.31% of robocalls, followed by alerts and reminders at 23.49%. If you’ve ever been late on a credit card payment, you likely received a payment reminder which is a reported 19.89% of robocalls. Next on the list is telemarketing robocalls, at 13.31%. As this percentage breakdown illustrates, scams calls happen more often than the next two on the list combined!

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How to Stop Robocalls

If you want robocalls to stop for good, the first thing you should do is add your number to the National Do Not Call Registry. Though laws are changing and the FCC is on board with a new technologically advanced system called SHAKEN/STIR, these changes will not be immediately implemented. 

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