California to Start Background Check on Gun Ammunition Purchases on July 1

California State Seal

California will start requiring all individuals purchasing gun ammunitions to undergo a background check on July 1.

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State leaders are hoping that the new law, Proposition 63, which was approved by voters in 2016, will help prevent gun violence.

Proposition 63 included a provision that prohibits the possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines. However, a group of gun rights owners and advocates filed a lawsuit challenging the ban. California will not yet implement the ban, but majority of the provisions of the law will take effect on Monday.

In addition to the background check, the California law also requires:

  • Businesses and individuals to report lost or stolen guns and help law enforcement in the prevention of illegal firearm trafficking
  • Internet sales of ammunition to be conducted by a license vendor
  • Creation of system for relinquishing firearms from former felons who are prohibited by law from owning them

Furthermore, Proposition 63 clarified that gun theft carries felony charges.