Cancelled Deep Purple Shows Lead to Suit Against Insurers Over Coverage


Big Draw said the “Defendants did not search the policy for grounds for coverage that would protect BDE, but rather searched policy and conducted its investigation for the purpose of finding a basis to deny coverage,” and that Beazley’s conduct was in bad faith.

The entertainment giant said it obtained an “event cancellation insurance policy” from Beazley that would reimburse it for any losses relating to even just a “potential cancellation, abandonment, disruption or rescheduling of any of the shows.”

The complaint also placed equal liability on Beazley, and Everest Insurance Co., saying each shared an equal percentage of the policy limit.

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There were two final shows of the tour, that were scheduled for Nov. 21st and 24th of 2018, but were canceled due to an “abrupt loss” of sound and light equipment, according to the complaint.

Big Draw claims that each show was set up for different indemnity limits based on an evaluation of anticipated losses that could arise from a covered cancellation.