Central Florida Sex Trafficking Sting Leads to Over 100 Arrests


Polk County Chief Grady Judd has shared with the public the ultimate endgame of Operation Fall Haul 2.

In a nutshell, this entails cracking down against the demand that fuels human trafficking. This is the same demand that further victimizes the predominantly women and children forced into sexual servitude.

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The Polk County police chief likewise announced that Operation Fall Haul 2 resulted in the rescue of two human trafficking victims and a handful of other potential survivors. This came in addition to social services offering prostitutes help.

Later, Grady said the goal of police is to recognize and assist victims of trafficking, while holding perpetrators and buyers of human trafficking accountable. Furthermore, the police chief warned that prostitution itself leads to violence, human exploitation, addiction, and more.

Polk County’s success with Operation Fall Haul 2 comes amid assistance from other police departments. These departments exist throughout Winter Haven, Davenport, Bartow, Haines City, and Lake Wales.