Chinese firms and executives linked to South China Sea sanctioned by US


Other aspects of the China-Malaysia agreement include building plans for the $16 billion East Coast Rail Link, a railway linking two Malaysian ports, and the $2.5 billion Trans Sabah Gas Pipeline, set to be partly built on the island of Borneo. Also, China requested permission to dock Chinese navy ships at two Malaysian ports.

Documents related to the Malaysian deal show Chinese officials obfuscating China’s real intentions behind the deal, arguing that the public must be made to believe that “all initiatives are market driven for the mutual benefit of both countries.”

Since the 2018 Malaysian election, the deal was halted and then revived for further negotiations.

China’s actions in Malaysia are but a drop in the bucket in the nation’s wider foreign policy goals. It appears that the Trump administration has aimed to push back against Beijing’s initiatives, as is the case with this new round of sanctions.


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