Civil Air Patrol Search and Rescue Volunteers are Unsung Life Savers

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Search and rescue missions are the bread and butter of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). This non-profit organization is an auxiliary of the United States Air Force and is filled with civilians who love to fly and help people. CAP missions are assigned by First Air Force with the largest number of them related to FEMA efforts. They also provide pictures in the event of floods and forest fires to Incident Commanders and FEMA officials. The organization provides assistance with disaster-relief missions, search-and-rescue missions, and emergency service missions. The emergency missions are assigned by Congress. Civil Air Patrol members also get to help Homeland Security and the American Red Cross. Along with providing emergency services, the Civil Air Patrol also provides education services for the general public as well as cadet programs for teens who are interested in learning about flying. There are currently 56,000 people who participate in numerous ways within the CAP.