My Climb to the Top to Prison and Back Again


No matter what you are going through perspective is the key to moving forward.  I could have looked at my conviction as career ending, instead it is one of the greatest experiences of my life.  Of course  there  are things that  hurt,  and were painful, but again….perspective.

One of the most important things you can do is understanding you made a mistake.  Don’t hide from it and don’t try to blame it on somebody else. Take responsibility for your actions, take a hard-objective look and see where you went wrong, learn from them, change, and move on.  If you don’t realize your problem you will make it again and a mistake made twice is a choice.   I’ve overcome one of the worst experiences in my life and turned it into something positive by understanding I could have done things differently to begin with.

Turning Accident into Opportunity

Every time I face life-changing adversity first hand, there is one thing that’s always clear to me – there aren’t many things you can’t overcome with a little determination. Living by my parents positive principles, my siblings and I achieved early success in life. We received full scholarships to college – mine was an athletic scholarship. My athletic abilities and positive life attitude helped me achieve great things. One mistake people make is thinking that successful people have it easy and everything goes right for them.  They don’t… and it doesn’t.  Successful people just don’t give up until they succeed so it always appears they are successful because you don’t see how many times they tried.   Failing is not failure.   Failure is when you quit.  Failing is just learning how not to do it and trying it a different way.

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